A Reason NOT to Take My Own Life

Terry is often asked to speak on despondency and how he has coped with chronic depression. Terry is not a counselor, but he is open about his struggle with depression and how he has experienced God’s grace in the midst of it. His sermon “What I’ve Seen in the Dark” combines Bible teaching and testimony. He doesn’t share pat answers or even how to get rid of despondency for good; rather, he shares how the Lord sustains him when medical intervention doesn’t work.

His messages or workshops on depression address these questions, and more:

What has Terry learned during his bouts with depression? How has God redeemed his depression for Terry’s own good and for the Lord’s own glory?

How is recurring depression compatible with vibrant Christian faith?

What myths or misconceptions about depression and faith persist in the church?

What are the causes of chronic depression?

What are the most typical symptoms of a depressive episode? How is it different than the “blues” or temporary discouragement?

In some cases, why is medical intervention compatible with strong Christian faith?

What means of God’s grace has Terry utilized to keep going and to keep serving Him vocationally?

What are the best books and websites with a faith perspective on dealing with depression and other mental illnesses?



Dr. Powell understands depression, and he lives his Christian faith powerfully. He is a trusted speaker and author on a topic that Christian communities often gloss over. With humility and wisdom, Terry authentically wrestles with his own story of depression and offers Biblical hope for anyone struggling with where God is in dark days of pain or an ongoing hardship. As a licensed professional counselor for over a decade, I would highly recommend him as an inspiring speaker to encourage believers and provide practical applications in life’s afflictions.

Dr. Carrie Caudill, Professor of Psychology Newberry College, Newberry, S. C.

Dr. Powell and I were faculty colleagues for over 25 years at Columbia International University, where I taught Psychology. He has always been an effective teacher and church leader, but he has also been very open about experiencing recurrent bouts of depression. We have talked about his depression over the years and presented workshops together on the topic. We have stressed that any righteousness, strength, and power that may emerge from our lives comes from God, not ourselves. Our natural imperfection and weaknesses highlight God’s perfection and strength. This truth is clearly evident in the life and teaching of Terry Powell.

Dr. Steve Farra Currently Adjunct Professor at CIU

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