Now That's A Good Question!


Get the Updated, Expanded Edition of NOW THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION! How To Lead Quality Bible Discussions By Terry Powell

A practical resource for small group leaders and Sunday School teachers of youth/adults.

This handbook tackles these questions:

  • How can I create a group climate that expedites effective Bible discussions?
  • How can I dig into God’s Word for myself so I have more “ownership” of the truths we cover?
  • What kind of questions should I ask?
  • What describes questions that are biblically and educationally sound?
  • What are the parts of a successful group Bible study plan?
  • How do I get more learners involved in discussion, and facilitate interaction that gets them into God’s Word, and God’s Word into them?
  • How can I prevent problems such as monopolizers, tangents, and a “pooling of ignorance” during Bible studies?
  • What are some tried-and-true get-acquainted or team building ideas I can use in my group?
Now that's a good question! book

Terry is an excellent writer, this book is easy to read, and will help you become a better Bible study leader. I know no one in the country who has his wealth of knowledge and experience on this topic. Whether you’re writing your own studies or you’re using published study guides, you’ll grow as a leader by reading this book. If you lead a church’s small group ministry, do what I did and buy a copy for every leader!

Michael Mack

Director, Small Group Leadership

This new edition adds two chapters not in the original book by the same title, released in 2007 by Standard Publishing. The new chapters offer tips for handling discussion problems such as tangents, monopolizers, controversial subject matter, avoiding excessive relativism in Bible discussions, and keeping discussion from degenerating into a pooling of ignorance.

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