Learning To Trust

Discovering the Walk of Faith


Do you ever wish or pray for more faith? Do you ever feel frustrated because your capacity to trust God fluctuates from day to day? Do you hear stirring testimonies and yearn for the kind of faith others seem to have?

If so, we can identify.

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It is natural for a follower of Jesus Christ to want a closer walk with Him, to desire a sturdier faith. Rather than viewing your felt need as a sign of weakness, consider it a positive indicator of spiritual health. If a person is unaware of the need for growth, he cannot cultivate a deeper faith. But if you are yearning for a more stabilizing faith, you are a prime candidate for God’s transforming work.

This book is based on the following premise: the product of a stronger faith requires a process. God does not instantly zap you with more faith. He does work through all sorts of circumstances and relationships with the ultimate goal of giving your faith His stamp of approval. He tests your faith, exposing the extent of your capacity to trust Him. And in the process He strengthens it by revealing more of His trustworthiness.

Each of the chapters in this book focuses on a typical life experience that either tests the quality of your faith or threatens to destroy it. You will discover that the very circumstances that seem to hinder faith can become tools in God’s hands for developing it.

The Test of Temptation: Matthew 4:1-11
The Test of Stormy Circumstances: Mark 4:35-41
The Test of Hopeless Situations: Mark 5
The Test of Praying Distinctively: Matthew 6:5-13
The Test of Pressure: Mark 14:32-42
The Test of Personal Pain: 2 Corinthians 1:3-11
The Test of Responding to Criticism: Acts 18:24-28; Selected Proverbs
The Test of Discouraging News: Nehemiah 1
The Test of Prosperity: 2 Chronicles 26
The Test of an Unpleasant Task: Jonah 1-2
The Test of a World Without Christ: Jonah 3-4
The Test of Sharing Your Faith: Dr. Bill Jones’ One-Verse Method for Evangelism (John 3:16)

Each chapter of the 144-page book combines commentary and Bible study questions, with space for writing within the pages. Though you can use the resource for personal Bible study, there is a separate, 13-session Leader’s Guide (115 pages) for Bible study groups. The guide has detailed, from-start-to-finish, interactive lesson plans, including some commentary and questions not in the book.

Learning To Trust is Book 4 in the Daring Disciples Series.

This series meets a glaring need in local churches … Each book combines the timeless truth of Scripture with riveting anecdotes and ideas for application.

Dr. Howard Hendricks

Former author and professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, and former Chairman of the Center for Christian Leadership

On target! Anyone going through these books will be greatly enriched.

Dr. Robert Coleman

Director, School of World Mission and Evangelism, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

A comprehensive guide to one’s spiritual journey … biblical, practical, readable.

Dr. Leighton Ford

President, Leighton Ford Ministries

Bill Jones and Terry Powell cover the basics of Christian living with fascinating illustrations and clear applications.

Dr. Robertson McQuilkin

Former author and President-Emeritus of Columbia International University

Our Jews for Jesus missionaries are among the study group leaders who will want to get this excellent material.

Susan Perlman

Jews For Jesus

This book is available FREE while supplies last, and each order will include one complimentary Leader’s Guide. You’ll only be asked to cover the cost of book rate shipping. Contact Terry using the form below.

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