I Am Depressed, But God is Good

What follows is a journal entry from 2005.  The first part sounds bleak. I was knee-deep in a depressive episode  and couldn’t slog my way out.  I’m posting it to show you how depression expresses itself in the minds or emotions of some Christian workers you may know or encounter.  Yet it’s far from an exhaustive list of symptoms.

The second half offers a biblical rebuttal of sorts.  It’s how I “preach to myself “ when despondency descends.  Faith, not despondency, had the last word that year.  By God’s grace, I’m still going strong as a teacher and writer almost eleven years later.

Not because all depression episodes are in my past, but because God and His Word sustain me.  Bouts of depression and usefulness in ministry aren’t necessarily mutually-exclusive.

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