As Long As Forever

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Relationships

My son and daughter-in-law were wed on the beach in South Carolina in 2004. I wrote this poem for them and read it during the ceremony. May their marriage and the marriage of your children last “as long as forever.”
Terry 3/31/16How long should you love this beautiful bride?
How long should you stand by Jennifer’s side?
How long is her favor too precious to lose?
How long should you hold her when she has the blues?
How long should the Lord reside in your heart,
keeping you two from growing apart?
How long should you take time for a walk?
Listen whenever she wants to talk?
How long should she smell the flowers you’ve sent,
and thank God for you when filled with their scent?
How long should you keep from raising your voice?
Should putting her needs first be your choice?
How long should you greet her with hugs and a kiss?
How long should she stay number one on your list?
How long should her joy be your endeavor?
The answer is simple: as long as forever.
As long as the waves lick the sand on the shore,
retreat, then repeat the cycle once more.
As long as the leaves sprout green in the Spring,
turn red in the Fall before they take wing.
As long as the sun arrives with the dawn,
reflecting off dew asleep on the lawn.
As long as the moon reflects the sun’s light,
teams with the stars to illumine the night.
As long as sparrows serenade the trees,
and puffy white clouds hitch rides with the breeze.
I’ll pray for a bond that’s too strong to sever.
How long should love last?
As long as forever.

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