Do your classroom teachers and small group leaders know how to plan and implement an interactive Bible study from scratch, or maximize the use of published curriculum?

Do they need training that will enhance their use of discussion, so participants can observe, interpret, and apply God’s Word?

Do you want your leaders to ask biblically and educationally sound questions that keep the locus of authority on God’s Word, not subjective human opinion?

Do you want them to know how to maximize learner engagement, even when lecture is necessary?

Do you want them to know how to prevent or to handle problems such as monopolizers, tangents, and a pooling of ignorance? How to handle difficult or controversial Bible verses that crop up in a study?

Then invite me to your church or agency for practical, hands-on training sessions. I will custom-design the meeting in light of your felt needs. I can plan workshops for one evening, a half-day, or longer.

As a Church Ministries professor at Columbia International University for 38 years, I taught courses on leading effective Bible studies. I have also written a practical handbook for group leaders: Now That’s a Good Question! How to Lead Quality Bible Discussions.

I’ve trained teachers and small group leaders in over 25 states in the U.S. God has also provided me the privilege of training teachers through seminars or courses in areas outside the United States: Canada; Puerto Rico; South Korea; Ukraine; India; Sri Lanka; St. Lucia; St. Vincent; Namibia; Kenya; Grenada; and France.

Allow me the joy of training Bible teachers in your church, mission agency, or parachurch organization. Talk to me about how I can team with you to encourage and to equip your Bible study leaders.

Now that's a good question! book

Every church wants to have the best teachers teaching the Word of God to their people but few offer training and development. In a former ministry called, ‘First Baptist University’ (Sunday evening setup), we enlisted the help of Terry Powell. He has taught our people how to develop a lesson plan, ask the right questions, engage the listener, prepare the heart and other essential dynamics. Terry’s openness, vulnerability and handle on the Word of God has helped us grow our teaching team. We are grateful for his assistance.

Ralph Schneck

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lexington, SC

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