Learning to Trust (A Free Resource)


Are the small groups or adult classes in your church looking for a biblically-sound, clearly-written, application-oriented Bible study?

Would it be helpful for them to discover ways in which God tests, and deepens, faith?

Let me introduce you to a three-month Bible study resource: Learning to Trust. I wrote this book 18 years ago, but the content is timeless. Here are chapter titles and primary texts explored in each:

  • The Test of Temptation:  Matthew 4:1-11
  • The Test of Stormy Circumstances: Mark 4:35-41
  • The Test of Hopeless Situations: Mark 5
  • The Test of Praying Distinctively: Matthew 6:5-13
  • The Test of Pressure: Mark 14:32-42
  • The Test of Personal Pain: 2 Corinthians 1:3-11
  • The Test of Responding to Criticism: Acts 18:24-28; Selected Proverbs
  • The Test of Discouraging News: Nehemiah 1
  • The Test of Prosperity>: 2 Chronicles 26
  • The Test of an Unpleasant Task: Jonah 1-2
  • The Test of a World Without Christ: Jonah 3-4
  • The Test of Sharing Your Faith: Dr. Bill Jones’ One-Verse Method for Evangelism (John 3:16)

Each chapter of the 144-page book combines commentary and Bible study questions, with space for writing within the pages. Though you can use the resource for personal Bible study, I’ve written a separate, 13-session Leader’s Guide (115 pages) for Bible study groups. The guide has detailed, from-start-to-finish, interactive lesson plans, including some commentary and questions not in the book.

The goal is for individuals to complete the book chapter (takes 40-60 minutes) before the group session.

Unexpectedly, I recently obtained over 1000 copies of the book, and over 100 Leader’s Guides, in unopened boxes that came from the original publisher. Learning to Trust was originally part of a four-book series, with Dr. Bill Jones writing the first three (with my editing), and I originated the fourth in the series. Both our names originally appeared on each of the four titles.

Bill and I want this resource to help God’s people. He gave these books to me, from an inventory that had been stored at Crossover Communications, a mission agency Bill founded. That’s why I am offering copies for only the cost of mailing them to you or to your church (at book rate).

What follows is a sample book chapter, “The Test of Temptation,” and the related lesson plan for leading a group through the material. This will give you an idea of how I approach each chapter in the book, and the teaching of it. Call or email me if you have questions, or if you want to place an order. Inside the box I use for shipping, I will put an invoice so you can reimburse me just for the cost of mailing (book rate). Keep on serving strong!

Now that's a good question! book

This free gift is available via email order, and is not for download. Please contact Terry for your copy.