Contact Terry

Terry is available to speak or to train leaders for your church or parachurch organization.


Terry is a licensed preacher for the Presbyterian Church in America, and has had the privilege of speaking in numerous churches from a broad spectrum of denominations. His training in seminary included preaching classes and homiletics labs.

Teacher/Small Group Leader Training
Terry specializes in training Bible study leaders/teachers for youth and adult groups  He shows how to lecture more effectively, develop an original lesson plan, how to lead effective Bible discussions, and how to engage learners through a variety of other methods.  For small group leaders, he has workshops on creating a hospitable climate, encouraging transparency among group members, and much more.

Leadership Training
Terry assists church leaders in assessment of their programs in light of biblical purposes of the church; in planning successful ministry events, in conflict management, and  in cultivating qualities integral to spiritual leadership.

Insights for Coping with Depression
Terry is often asked to speak on despondency and how he has coped with chronic depression. Terry is not a counselor, but he is open about his struggle with depression and how he has experienced God’s grace in the midst of it. He doesn’t share pat answers or even how to get rid of despondency for good; rather, he shares how the Lord sustains him when medical intervention doesn’t work.