The majestic Statue of Liberty towers above the entrance to New York harbor.  The French government gave it to the United States.  A sculptor named Bartholdi spent twenty years and a lot of his own money to finish the project. 

When he looked for a human model whose facial features he could reproduce as “Lady Liberty,” he picked his own mother.

How can you “raise a monument” to honor your own mom, or the mother of your children, this Mother’s day? 
1.   A Photo and Verse

Select a good photo of her: your favorite portrait, or a picture of her preparing a meal or holding one of the kids.  Arrange it in an expensive frame, leaving room for the words of Proverbs 31:28-29: “Her children rise up and bless her; her husband also, he praises her, saying, ‘Many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all.’ ”

Don’t hand it to her.  Place it on the counter or on a dresser where she’s sure to spot it early on Mother’s Day. Letting her find it adds the element of surprise.
2.  Empty Envelope

Lick a stamp and put it in the corner of a letter envelope.  Write her name and address on the envelope, then seal it.  Yea, I know it’s empty.  Just follow directions.

On the back of the envelope, write these words:  “Inside this envelope you’ll discover what our lives would be like without you.”  Use small letters and you and each child can add your first names.  Then mail the envelope so it arrives before Mother’s Day.

(The inside of the envelope is empty,” get it?  Just like your lives would be without her.)
3.  First-Class Gratitude

This time put letters in the envelope.  Start your hand-written notes with “I thank God for you because….”  

Then you and each child think of specific ways to finish the sentence.  If you’re grown, your mom will get one letter (unless her grandchildren want to add a note).  If you and your wife have two kids, your spouse will get three in the envelope.  Help younger kids as necessary.  The key is specificity: list traits, accomplishments, or chores which evoke gratitude for her.
4.  Sumptuous Spread

Reserve a table at her favorite restaurant.  During the meal, each of you take turns telling one thing you appreciate about her.  Coach your kids in advance as necessary, and be sure each of you mentions a different quality or contribution she makes.

One other thing.  Don’t give her the bill.
5.  Poetic Justice

Write her an original poem. Don’t fret if you don’t consider yourself a good writer.  She’ll appreciate the effort at rhyme even more if it hasn’t been a habit. Older kids can brainstorm with you for lines or ideas captured in the poem.  It will mean more if it’s a joint effort.

When my older son was in middle school, I helped him pen this poem to his mom, which remains one of her prized possessions decades later.

Taken For Granted

Some moms get taken out to dinner
to a restaurant fit for a queen.
Then they’re taken where waists get thinner:
to a spa that can make them lean.
Others get taken on a second honeymoon,
or on a cruise to a place enchanted.
But moms like you, more often than not,
just get taken for granted!
Our whole point was, “We don’t want to take you there!”
To “raise a monument” in honor of your mother or your kids’ mom, employ one of these ideas or allow these to serve as a catalyst for your own creative juices.
What is another way that you or your kids have honored the lady of the house on Mother’s Day?