God’s Law of Provision

A Christmas Meditation and Poem
If you  can fully grasp and explain this truth, you’re a whole lot smarter than I am.  Yet this principle reassures me, and massages my heart.
Somehow, in the incomprehensible mind of God, He planned for our salvation before mankind existed. The late Ron Dunn called this “God’s Law of Provision.”  He provided a means for dealing with our sin before there was a need for it.
This “Law of Provision” explains the first Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  God had mapped out His plan of redemption before creation.  Paul reminded Timothy that saving grace had been granted to us in Christ “from all eternity” (2 Tim 1:9), a phrase that means “since before time began.”  Reputable commentators believe Revelation 13:8 refers to Jesus as a “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”  As Ron Dunn put it, “Before there was a garden in Eden, there was a cross on Calvary.”
I wrote the poem that follows in an attempt to capture this biblical perspective.  This Christmas, may reading it enhance your awe of God the Father and increase your appreciation for God the Son.


Before He flailed tiny arms, and cried;
Before His virgin birth was prophesied,
On a dreaded Roman cross He died.

Before the star-gazing caravan
Took gifts to this infant God-man,
A crown of thorns was the Father’s plan.

Before Herod’s soldiers would contend;
Before the first man and woman sinned,
The Son had decided to condescend.

Before He labeled Himself, “I AM!”
Before God spared Isaac with a ram,
Jesus was a sacrificial Lamb.

Before Jesus fought the devil, and won;
Before Mary conceived the Holy One,
The Father abandoned His only Son.

Before bread and wine in Upper Room;
Before His body formed in Mary’s womb,
He lay lifeless in a borrowed tomb.

Before Gethsemane’s heart-wrenching prayer;
Before inn-keepers had no room to spare,
Calvary existed. A cross was there.

Some men live without ever knowing why.
Meaning is elusive. They search and they sigh.
Not Jesus Christ: He was born to die.